The Magee Stool is a simple visual business model described in the new book, To Be the Best By Any Measure: Creating and Sustaining a High Performance Organization (Magee & Jones, 2023). Pat Magee developed this unique model during his 40+ year career leading and revitalizing struggling manufacturing companies and consulting with various organizations. The model's premise is that High Performance requires a foundation based on the interconnected elements of a healthy organizational culture, leadership development at all job levels, and comprehensive strategic planning.

When applied to libraries, The Magee Stool offers leaders and managers a fresh framework for continuous organizational improvement. For those managers, Marie Jones presented this poster at the 2023 American Library Association convention, "How can a library create and sustain High Performance?"

Dr. Jones gave a more detailed presentation at the Appalachian College Association's Library Professional Development Day in May of 2023. The following slide deck from that presentation introduces the model and connects it with more established leadership and organizational theorists.